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    24 Resources for Parents of LGBTQ Kids and Teenagers

    As promised in this week's podcast episode of Momnesia, Reverend Lani Willbanks has provided a list of resources for parents and allies who desire to support their loved ones in the coming out or transitioning process, but may be struggling with their own questions, theologies and fears.

    Reading List

    1. This is My Body: Hearing the Theology of Transgender Christians

    2. Rainbow Theology: Bridging Race, Sexuality and Spirit

    3. Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know about Life and Love and How it Can Revitalize Christianity

    4. What Does God Think: Transgender People and the Bible

    5. Chasing Rainbows: Exploring Gender Fluid Parenting Practices

    6. transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians

    7. The Bible and the Transgender Experience

    8. Transgender, Intersex and Biblical Interpretation

    9. Outside the Lines: How Embracing Queerness will Transform your Faith

    10. Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of An American Family

    11. 4 Views on Pastoring LGBTQ Teenagers: Effective Ministry to Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer and Questioning Students Among Us

    12. The Bold World: A Memoir of Family and Transformation

    13. My Name is Brett: Truths from a Transgender Christian

    14. A Brief Guide to Ministry with LGBTQ Youth

    16. Queering Lent

    17. Beyond a Binary God: A Theology for Trans* Allies

    18. The Gender Identity Workbook for Kids: A Guide to Exploring Who You Are

    19. Trans-gendered: Theology, Ministry and Communities of Faith

    20. Made in God's Image: A Resource for Dialogue About the Church and Gender Differences

    21. All God's Children: Teaching Children about Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

    22. And God Loves Each One: A Resource for Dialogue about Sexual Orientation

    23. Queer Theology

    24. "Bodies Del Otro Lado Finding Hope in the Borderland: Gloria Anzaldua, The Ethiopian Eunuch of Acts 8:26-40, y Yo"

    Reverend Lani Willbanks is an ordained pastor, serving a large church in Washington, D.C.  Lani has nearly 20 years of combined marketplace and church leadership experience. Earning her MBA while working full time as a divorced, single mother of two, Lani excelled in her field of corporate finance. As her daughters neared middle school, Lani was reminded of her Wesleyan roots and fondly recalled the years she spent as a preacher’s kid. Her daughters soon became more involved with their church youth group and Lani knew God was calling her into full time ministry. It was also during this season that Lani met her husband Tyler, then a Captain in the US Army. They married in 2007 and together, have 5 world-changing children. Currently, they include two college graduates, one college student, and two active duty Soldiers. Lani and Tyler, now a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and proud supporter of following his wife’s career, live on Capitol Hill with their rambunctious Corgi, Lilo.